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    When posting comments for back links to my homepage, do I just include the website url in the websites file or do I need to include my keyword (anchor text) as the name in the names file?

    In the demo video, the guy just uses random names and his url, without including any keywords?

    I have just did on site SEO for my keywords and want to start commenting, but I am confused as to where the keywords go, or if I just use the url without the keywords...

    I did some research on the forum and it seems as though most people use the name field for anchor text, although this gives a lower approval rate.
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    Put your desired anchor text(s) in the Names files, and put your desired backlink(s) in the websites text.

    So your names file should look like this:

    Anchor Text 1
    Anchor Text 2
    Anchor Text 3

    And your website file should look like this:


    That's just an example. You don't have to deep link, or have multiple anchor texts.

    Another cool thing SB can do is you can setup specific anchor texts for specific URL's. This is perfect for blasting multiple sites at once.

    Load SB as usual, and leave the names file alone as SB will ignore it now, but it does need to be loaded. Open up your websites file and use the following template:

    Code: {Anchor Text1|Anchor Text2} {Different Anchor Text} {Anchor Text Inside These Brackets Will Be Used For This Site Only|You Can Also Spin Them To Vary Anchor|Text}
    So with that, SB will post randomly using 'website1', 'website2', and 'anothersite'. 'website1' will vary between 'anchor text1' and 'anchor text2'. 'Website2' will only use 'Different Anchor Text'.

    I use this when I try to find autoapprove blogs, that way I'm building links across all my sites, instead of just one.

    Hope this helped.
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    Ya the only way you can get your anchor is either with the name field or by putting some html in the comment, but not alot of blogs allow html tags.

    And for the approval rate well it's just a game of numbers, if you're approval rate drops down for using keyword in the name field, just comment on more blogs to reach your goals.
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