Basic Online Hierarchy

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    1) Product/Services Owner - These people normally earn the most online. They include e-book owner, physical product owner, services provider and leads collector.

    2) 1st Tier Affiliates - These are the people that could possibly earn more than the product owners themselves, depending on the commission level. They normally have direct contact with the owner. They include direct affiliate marketeers, CPA managers, network owners.

    3) 2nd Tier Affiliates - These are normally the people that fall under the first tier affiliate. They help the first tier affiliate get more traffic and ultimately more sales. These are the most important people, imo.. They include sub-affiliates, CPA marketeers etc..

    4) 3rd Tier Affiliates - These are the people that usually may earn much with enough hard work. They are the ones that mainly help to drive traffic. They include CPM promoters, small blog owners, people who basically set up their sites mainly to earn from ads.

    I'm not an expert or anything but this is basically how I see things. To succeed online and offline is basically the same.
    You have to sell something in order to bring in the cash.. Who do you think earns more, the flyer distributor or the person that created/"owns" the flyers?

    The purpose of this post is just for you to re-think your strategy online for those that are not earning online.

    Another tip I would like to share : Traffic is the key to online businesses, the more targeted traffic the traffic the better. This is where most books don't cover.

    Some people drive traffic via SEO, some via PPC, some via PPV, most via spamming ;).. My rule is I try to drive at least 10,000 targeted traffic daily.. Even if 1% converts (which is the worst case scenario), thats 100 leads daily..

    How to drive targeted traffic? Think about it. Would you rather promote a burger king deal in front of macdonalds or in front of a library? Not that I suggest you do it.. I'm just saying... :cool:
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    What about Branded websites? I think that they should be included in tier 1,its just that they usually go with cpc/cpm/ppv networks since its alot easier then having to spend time to actually get and manage ad purchasers yourself.
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    I think it is easier to get a RL flyer distributor than good affiliates
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    Seems like a good goal to set up. But you have to be in a rather big niche to manage this.