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Bartering/swapping social networks profiles - how to do it safe?

Discussion in 'Business & Tax Advice' started by nix.feliks, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. nix.feliks

    nix.feliks Junior Member

    Apr 12, 2013
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    I'm in discussion with a guy about making an exchange - I have Tumblr blog and he has IG page, and the idea is that we swap it. Now, if we knew eachother and have confidence, I could just send him login info of my blog and he could send me the info of his Ig page. But we don't know eachother, so noone wants to be scammed,

    Is there any reliable way to do this? Some reliable services that include third party that we could send the details to, and who would then check if everything is ok before forwarding the details to each of us?
    Could we maybe do it via some reputable senior member of BHW?