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    Hey everyone, so here is the deal, I have no idea how to build a website or maintain a website - I am sure I can be taught but... eh... dont have the time...

    My mom is a barber and owns her own shop, business has blown for her for about a year now since the economy has gone to shit... I guess people are scaling back when it comes to haircuts lol. So, I was thinking of how I could generate a little bit of business for her and came up with this idea (which none of the local barbershops have...)

    I would put a sign out in front of her business that says something along the lines of...

    "visit XXXXXXbarbershop(dot)com and print off a $3 off coupon for the month of blah"

    So, where someone on here comes into play will be making a simple website with maybe a pdf download centered in the page that would be the coupon they could print off... I would want it to look professional, but it does not have to be extravagant... just... clean cut... pardon the pun lol.

    Go ahead and PM me with some quotes of what a job like this might cost me - I dont have a lot of cash so I was thinking of letting the site builder throw up an adwords bar in there... I dont know what something like that would be worth?

    Also - if anyone else has some good ideas of ways to drum up some business for a barber shop please feel free to share! Thanks a lot.