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    Feb 17, 2012
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    Hi BHW members
    I have made a banner with the simple html code and gif image
    I need to insert a tracking code of my affiliate network
    can any body tell me how to do it..??
    I searched the web and found this

    The easiest way is to make a link to a PHP page, e.g. referer.php. This page would take a link as argument and then increment the amount of clicks for that link in a database.

    And then in referer.php you retrieve the link using GET, increment a value in a table (something like 'referer_counter') with columns 'link' (string) and 'counter' (integer) that corresponds with the link and then automatically redirect (google how to do it) the visitor to the correct link.

    can any body tell me how to make php page of this kind

    any help is welcome