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Banned youtube account

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by djultimate, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. djultimate

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    May 22, 2011
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    Hi, ive had a youtube account for going on 6 years, had loads of subs, one of my vids had 500k plus views, all of which were monetised with my adsense account.
    Ive been making abit of money of youtube for the last 2 years nothing to brag about , £10 - £15 a month if am lucky, i recentely uploaded some music mixes which i did myself with copyrighted music, and started getting a nice amount of hits to the video each day , within 1 month i got over 10k on this one video... so being foolish like i am (and a noob) i uploaded the mix to sharecash for download and included the link in the video discription , with in 1 week my account was suspended , gutted wasnt the word as i had over 200 vids on my channel alot i filmed and not backed up , i appealed with no result.....

    If i was to sign for a new youtube account and my vids eventually get enabled for monetise, would i be able to use my current adsense account (which i use for my blogs) this isnt banned and has no warnings etc against it, or would they twig and ban my ass ?

    Thanks in advance.