Bankroll wanted for torrent projects


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Sep 20, 2009
Now that I've finished some other projects, I'm on my way finally to getting some torrent sites up and running that I've been meaning to do for a long while now. In total I have about 7-8 torrent based sites I'm going to do eventually. It's a project that involves one private site, one public, one radio site, one adult tracker, and then the others I'd rather not say do to the fact some of the ideas have not been done and/or are very unique. It should be a great contribution to the torrent community, but can't tell you everything.

I've been involved with torrents for years, downloading/uploading, installed sites, rewritten some code, run sites, hack sites, etc. I've seen it from all angles and have a decent resume.

All in all the project will take me maybe a year. But to get things rolling it all comes down to the booty. Unfortunately I don't have what's needed so I'm just looking for a bankroll, otherwise I'm looking at a few months ahead before I can get any work done. This person will of course not be tied to the sites in any ways do to the fact there is always a chance of legal issues with torrents. We keep it totally separate for your sake.

What is the money needed for? Juicy servers, a software developer, coder(s), and a few other things. How much is needed? Roughly looks like about $800 ish to cover the amount I'm missing. I can always find a way to scrape a hundred here and there if needed so give or take.

The bankroll does not reflect on the sites' output. So if shit hits the fan, doesn't mean you don't get paid. I just won't have the money for about 3 months from now. So looking for around $800 to be paid off within 3 months with a paid back amount of $1,360 (1.7).

About me:

I have amazing info that will be used for marketing towards bittorrent.
Put in long days, own and operate a bunch of sites now already.
Always on line, easy to get ahold of.
Decent rep here.
I like breasts.

tl;dr $800 bankroll returns you $1,360 in 3 months. You sit on your butt.

Any questions or if interested let me know. Thanks

I have Skype, ICQ, GTalk, etc. Just ask.
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