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    Im Bailey...

    I actually started this interested, odd, frustrating at times journey not very long ago. I have gone with one website which should be suitable for bringing in bits and pieces of income..but I am putting my focus right now on my adult site. Its from a woman's point of view..I direct it not only towards men, giving advice, adult dating sites Ive used, and great porn sites as well (I actually believe Redtube is scr*wing me, not in the good way either), I also have a page directed towards the women. Only one for them as of yet, unless they are kinky and enjoy my best site section. I am excited yet very very new to all of this. I am no computer wiz but I am reading TONS of stuff and attempting to let it all sink in. If you have any advice for me, please do not hesitate as I know helping NOOBS is a priority right? lol
    If you're still reading this thank you...and one last question...

    Where the hell can I advertise my site??