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    Dear Affiliate Marketers on BHW,

    Presenting you with the newest PPI program.

    Our product: Personal Back Up. Based on a freemium model, users are generously given 8GB for data they can share (other known products: Box, Sugarsync, Dropbox), and another 8GB for data they can backup via "images" and scheduled backup (other known products: Mozy, Backblaze). This installation comes with 2 programs, MegaCloud & MegaCloud Backup.

    The software installed is 120% clean and legal, which contains no adware, spyware or malware. Users installing this finds good use of our product as they are given features that are scattered across several different platforms (previous mentioned products), in which we have combined most under one umbrella. This include: Live streaming of your audio & video, photo gallery browsing, online preview and editing of your doc, XLS, pdf and more. To better understand this product completely and see the differences from already existing products, we recommend that you try it out.

    Rated on several review sites, this software can be used across multiple platforms, in which we currently support Windows, Mac (incl. iPad & iPhone) & Android. Linux is due launch very soon.
    For users with good quality traffic and an unique high amount of downloads, please get in touch for customized rates and NET-payments.
    We pay via Paypal only. Payments are NET-30.

    ALTERNATIVE: We have a "PPS" coming up on Commission Junction, so if you're looking for an alternative way of promoting our product, you can utilise this channel.
    As a legal disclaimer, we must inform you that any illegal ways of promoting our product may result in account termination.

    Go to our main page and check at the bottom for more information.

    We hope you will enjoy this product as much as the people you recommend it for and hope to see you around.