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    Hello Everybody,

    I have searched the forum and keep coming up empty. I hope this is the correct place to put this, if not could it please be moved to the correct place.

    I am posting ads on Backpage for my company in the "cleaning services" section. I have written an iMacro script for Firefox that will do this automatically. However, I need to change my IP address every 4 ads so that the ads have a slimmer chance of getting flagged. I am currently using a VPN for this and have the iMacro script pause when i need to change the VPN server. I want to completely automate this process and the only way I know to do this would be using fresh US proxies. I have used proxygo's leecher and Charon but I am not getting very many US proxies that are good.

    I am looking for any help, links to get fresh US proxies, or another way to automate this process. I am new to this all and any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Again, sorry if this is in the wrong spot or has been solved previously.
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