Backlinks stopped working... can anyone explain??

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    I started backlinking my site VERY carefully through Fiverr on January 16 (i.e. using Site Explorer to verify backlinks, Alexa to verify traffic to tell if pagerank is real, ect.), and my site has done the Google Dance for about the past three weeks flipping in and out of results, but only for specific keywords that I've been targeting, and been very careful about variating anchor text for; and it's finally settled on 13 for one keyword and 14 for another, however it doesn't seem to be moving any further as I build more backlinks and seems stuck on those spots.

    Do you think it's really stuck, or is it just that the other backlinks I've been building more recently haven't kicked in yet? If I keep building backlinks will the keywords keep moving up?

    I was hoping someone could provide similar experience and share with me what their results turned out to be in the end.

    Edit: I forgot to mention since January 16 my site has also moved from PR 0 to PR 3.

    Thanks :)
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    Well ... I used some SEO on my website and created about 300 backlinks ! IN 2 weeks I was on the page 3 of google for the targeted keywords ! As I saw that I made more backlinks but still on the same page ... I waited for a wekk and now I am on Page 2 ...Almost the page 1 ! My opinion would be to wait 1 week or two after you made all your backlinks ! Good luck
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    make backinks an get them indexed then you will move .. dont swet to much. you can add some even to a new page without getting in troubles.

    and you ahev to index them ...just make is not enought this days