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    SEOMOZ just published a list of the top 500 site.

    Below are some links you can grab from that list.
    I cut and pasted this from a recent blog post so no thanks or rep

    1. get in the directory
    2. followed forum links
    3. If you cant figure out how to get a link on blogspot, give up now.
    4. join the directory
    5. Create your own channel
    6. Add it, it will be nofollowed, but still worth it.
    7. : Newsletter Auto-Linking
    8. Facebook Apps (check out the retailer icons)
    9. Write a Good Plugin (Author Homepage)
    10. If you can?t figure out how to get a link on myspace, you need to give up on SEO.
      Check out the link to gamespot on this page.
    11. Amapedia FTW
    12. Get Mentioned, hard link to get
    13. Create a Blog, If you can?t figure out how to get a link on, you need to give up on SEO.
    14. Add and Edit a Comment
      Create a comment with a link in it like this? <a rel=?follow? href=?>text</a>. Flickr will add a nofollow after the HREF, but the rel=?follow? will already have been parsed. Sneaky, eh?
    15. Member profile Contact Info
    16. : Good luck
    17. Movies Search Results
    18. Get Written About. Yeah, this one is tough.
    19. Propeller cross-domain. Now that is clever!
    20. : Map Listings
    21. Forum Profile Pages
    22. It never ceases to amaze me what spammers can find.
    23. Feed Links Count.
    24. Create a Fan Nation Blog
    25. Create a Site
    26. If you don?t know how to get a link from tripod, you need to give up on SEO.
    27. Create a blog on Windows Live Spaces
    28. Create a Sports Nation Fan Blog
    29. Only nofollows from forum links.
    30. Create a Blog
    31. Signature Links
    32. Go Popular. Write fantastic content and get on the homepage of Digg to get PR flowing links.
    33. Site Reactions Pages and others
    34. (now Get mentioned on the blog
    35. Become a Mirror
    36. make a movie or documentary
    37. followed links in the forums
    38. user pages have followed links
    39. forum links followed
    40. Get into the ?Blogs I follow?
    41. Blog
    42. followed links in the forum
    43. Directory
    44. Try installing ccHost and mentioning your installation
    45. Forge Comments
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