Backlinks from blogger is not indexing, need help here!

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    Hi Guys, I'm very new to IM and does not have much knowledge about SEO and backlinks. Recently I started to few blogs just to test how the backlinking thing works.

    My problem: I had 13 blog created on blogger. One of them is my main blog that is targeting the word "Local Computer Service" and the other 12 blog are blog that I created that is related to my main keyword. i.e. "Local Service Computer Repair", "Local Computer Maintenance" and few more. Each of these 12 blog had an anchor text that is linking back to my main keyword which is "local computer service" and all of these blog has been indexed by Google, but when I check my main blog backlinks with yahoo explorer and traffic travis it shows 0 backlinks.

    Note: All of these blog is created under one google account. Besides, I'm not trying to rank for these blog actually, I just want to see whether those backlinks is indexing or not.

    Help is much appreciated thanks.
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