Backlinks, corporate responsibility and reputation. What do I do!?

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    Heres the drill..

    Guy that is doing linkbuilding for CheapOair contacts me (this isnt the 1st time someone doing link building for them has contacted me) Wants to do a 3 way link (which I try and stay away from) but offering a related link from 1 site of my choice out of a list of about 7 all related in travel and tourism.

    Me, really in the spot where I can use backlinks (my site is PR0) really considering giving them the back link from a page i just made called (Corporate Relations) would put a logo and a paragraph on them as to make it not look like a link exchange page, and inturn I would get a back link from the home page of the site of my choice (typically Im thinking of the highest ranked one however the highest ranked one (PR4) has 207 outbound links when I look it up in my SEOquake page info. The 2and one (PR3) has 73 out bound links.

    now the other thing is that I looked around and it turns out that cheapoair has TONS of bad reviews saying that they are scammers and rip off artists as well as a "bait and switch" company. What should I do? Not take the link and leave em alone? (Trust me after reading these reviews im around 80% that im not going to) but if I did, would it affect me at all? This sucks because trying to get niche backlinks the grass roots way for a PR0 site sucks because no one wants to trade links :(

    Its weird because Ive actually used that site before like 3 months ago and had no problems with my ticket :S

    Any advice at all is appreciated, thanks
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    Leave link sharing, go for link diversity.
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    Not a good idea dude. Try some other methods.