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    I've published a simple eBook on the Kindle store and have purchased a few of the high-rated back-link packages on Fiverr to direct links toward this page. Is this an effective strategy for ranking up in Google? Or, has anyone else done this to success?
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    You would Need "A Lot of Social Media Promotion", Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIN/Pineterst.. Next thing would be, to search for Reviewers for your new book, you can find them here on blackhatworld.
    Then you need software called "Kindle Promo App", you can download it here;
    This software will help you promote your book on eBook related Sites and Forums, where Kindle reader's come and check new published releases !

    Buying Backlinks to rank in Google search results will not help you rank higher on Amazon Search Result's, and You Wanna Rank on Amazon in order to make sales, YES !!! NOT on Google..
    Only Case why you would like to Rank on Google is, if you have Setup Dedicated Website for that book, thank you rank keyword's for that Website. Reader's will enter those keywords in, and your website will show on #1 spot..
    I Hope I'w Help't you :)

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