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    As the title mentioned, I am talking about the age of backlinks. Up until a few weeks ago I don't pay much attention to this one thing.

    I was just thinking about SEO in the general and thought about what I have been doing so far, what went good and what went wrong. I noticed a few thing you probably already know:

    1. Most SEO takes time before taking effect
    2. Site age and authority can affect ranking.

    For the 1st point, I know it takes time to index links and it's not safe to spam links in a short time but then I thought, how about "backlink age", if site age can affect ranking and backlinks from aged site are considered good, then why not consider the age of backlinks?

    I don't have any facts or proof if the age of backlinks has effect on ranking but I personally see aged backlinks as stability factor. Just like in normal world, you may see a stable factor as something important.

    Example, you want to hire a good painter and you know a popular painter that has already been in the business for 10 years. Because of that 10 year and popularity you probably will trust this painter more than a newbie painter you never heard of. I think this is also what happens with aged domain/sites, it has more stability factor + more trust factor.

    So, I would like to know your opinion, does backlinks age affect ranking? Does backlinks as example SAPE links, will perform better after a few months?
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    Stable backlinks can and will help your site a lot more. It would look "fishy" to search engines if you gained backlinks and each one of them disappearing again after a couple of weeks. Long term links are the way to go and will eventually help you achieve your goal (keep it mind, the link itself has to have some sort of quality for you).