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    This is a very easy method but first you need to have the right
    tools. Soyou need to run Mozilla Firefox as your Browser.

    After Firefox is installed you need to install seoquake.

    After it is installed, you will notice that at the
    bottom of right hand corner of your screen, you'll see
    the SQ icon. If you click it, you can turn it on or off.
    If you Right click it, you will be able to change settings.
    SEO Quake is a great tool that will help you pinpoint
    high PR sites when you search in Google.
    Now we need to setup seo quake so that it will search only
    by request otherwise you run the risk of google and/or
    Yahoo temporarily banning your ip since it sees high activity
    of searching.

    So rightclick the SQ icon in the right hand corner
    and then select preferences. Next click SE plugins and then
    click the SE plugins tab. You will see a dropdownbox for
    each of the search engine that reads "Load Parameters".
    Change the drop down for all of them to "by request".
    Now we need to make one other setting change. In your
    preferences menu go to the Advance tab. Nex to the parameter
    requests delay, please put down 1000. This will slow down
    the tool just enough to prevent your ip from being
    temporarily banned.

    ****IMPORTANT - After changing all of the parameters in SEOQuake, you
    still might get the dreaded message saying "We're sorry but
    it looks like you're sending automated queries" when searching
    for a particular term. When that happens, you need to wait a good
    2-4 hours before doing any more searches for that specific term.
    Don't forget that you can always use your bulk page rank checker
    site to check page ranks if google gives you a hard time!
    Let me show you how useful this tool is. Go to Google
    in Firefox. Make sure that the SQ icon is turned on. Type in
    any simple word and then click search. Notice you get a list
    of results. If you click the "Request parameters" button, you
    will instant see a wealth of statistical information underneath
    all of the results. For now, the only thing you want to focus on
    are the Page Ranks which is the first stat labelled "PR".

    So with this tool we are going to use it to pinpoint key
    sites with high PR that we can use to backlink.
    Now your site is up and running and your posts are set up to show up
    every other day. Our entire focus is to get our site onto
    Google's first page. The way we do it is to backlink our
    blog. It's always the same setup:

    We place our link with anchor text. So when we post our
    link we never post the web address as our anchor text.
    Rather we simply post the word that we are trying to rank
    on Google. So it's going to be either <category name> or
    <product name> which matches up to our names that you've
    decided to go with.

    Since Google looks at links heavily. It's important that you
    have the correct anchor text (which in this case is our
    product name or category name) and the correct link:

    1) If we are linking from our category name then our link is
    our blog's URL

    2) If we are linking from our product name then our link is
    the permalink that corresponds to our product post

    So to setup your backlinking gameplan, you first need to jot
    down your category name and all of your product names.
    You will setup your backlinking strategy so that you
    focus on half of your domain names and the other half on

    This accomplishes two things:
    1) You're link building looks more natural when it's spread out
    2) You will be able to focus and do more when you're only need
    to focus on half of your names during the time that
    you've alotted yourself for backlinking.
    Also since many of your products haven't posted yet, only focus
    on your category and products that have posted SO FAR.
    Over time, you'll gradually add your posted products to your backlinking
    mix....Make sense?

    The twist in this method is that we're only focusing on high PR
    blogs that allow us to comment and we're only focusing
    on those blogs that have a maximum of 15 comments per page.
    The reason being is that too many comments dilute the
    Page Rank of the site that you're trying to link to your site.
    Let me show you exactly how it's done.

    In Google's search box I want you type:
    <any UNRELATED keyword or any RELATED keyword> +"powered by wordpress"
    <any UNRELATED keyword or any RELATED keyword> + "powered by movable type"
    Relevancy does not matter so put down ANY keyword. All
    we're trying to do is harvest high PR blogs.

    After you hit search, click the Request Parameters button in
    SEOquake and let it go through and get you the page ranks.
    Only focus on those sites with Page Ranks of 3 or higher.

    Now, for each of your high PR results, your going to copy the
    web address of the site and in a new tab go to google and click
    on the advanced search. What you're going to do is determine if
    this blog will allow you to comment. So paste the web address in
    the box labelled "Search within a site or domain". Next, in the
    box labelled "all these words", type the word->comment and then click the
    Advanced Search button to get your results.

    Now, you'll see various results that represent different pages
    on the high PR website where commenting is allowed. Now we need
    to see if they allow comments with links AND if so, have there
    been less than 15 comments on the page.

    So you need to check out a few of the results and see. Go through
    and examine the comments. If you see a has anchor text linking
    to his/her website, then you've struck gold. Now you CANNOT SPAM
    the blog. You need to quickly scan the blog post and leave a 2-3
    sentence comment that adds some value. It's really not hard....
    You could pose a question that relates to the article or talk
    about a personal experience related to the article....Just use your

    When it comes to commenting, either you will be given a graphical
    interface so that you can leave your link or you need to manually
    put in your link. To manually leave a link just follow this format:
    <a href="website">product name OR category name</a>
    So you would customize the above with your information.
    ***IMPORTANT - You will find that the inner pages or comment pages
    of the blogs will have a 0 or low PR even though the blog has
    a high PR. That is normal and expected. When you leave your link
    in the above format, you will still get the benefit of the high PR of
    the blog itself.

    Keep track of all of the blogs that you comment on. There's really no
    limit to how much blog commenting you can do. By limiting our
    blogs to high PR ones and ones with low commenting, you can
    focus on have more quality backlinks. This enables you to
    work smarter!

    Since blog commenting is THE most effective method, it's the one
    method that I highly recommend you start with.

    and as always remember to hit the rep/thanks button if you enjoyed.
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    This is a really good step by step guide for getting some good manual high quality backlinks.

    Good job. Thanks given.

    FYI though -
    Just a bit of advice to consider when making future posts. :cool2:
    Directly asking for thanks and rep is 'bad form' on this forum (most others as well.) If you make a decent post or thread if people think it's worth a thanks or rep they'll decide on their own to give it. If they don't fell like giving it anyway, they're not likely to give it just because you asked. In many cases even if someone might have given some thanks or rep, they won't in threads in which it's asked for.

    Anyway, welcome to the forum and good job on your guide. :pirate:
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    Well done! Love your methodology.
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    Thanx, it was usefull !!!