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    When I am leaving a comment on a blog, do I put a clickable link of my website in the body of the comment or do I put it in the website section of the commenter. But what if the site does not have a website url part in their comment box? Also can I do both? If I am putting it in the body of the comment do I put or just

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    It will depend on how the website has their comments configured. I have seen ones where you can include a link in the URL field as well as in the comments. I have seen some that do not allow for html code in the comment section and others that do. Some may let you insert code but then a moderator may strip it out when the comment is reviewed for approval. Still others don't let you put links in at all.

    As far that the configuration of the link goes, I think it's a matter of personal preference as well as how you think users will view the link. Personally I think hypertext (with the core URL hidden) is more attractive but I'm sure people will click on things that are not configured in that way. You may have no choice if a comment box does not allow for html markup.

    Here is a good post on blog commenting. Maybe it will give you some insight,


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