Backlink keywords and domain age question

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    I think I've a similar question before, but it's doing my head now!

    The website is 60 days old, 20 pages in total, 7 review pages and 10 blog posts, plus an about, contact and privacy policy. The main 2 sales pages have 2500 and 2200 words, reviews of products and link to Amazon.

    I have built 9 web 2.0s and all of them have backlinks behind between 17 to 30 pbn's links I've paid for (niche specific), the expired tumblr's have between 16 to 150 unique domain backlinks (not my niche).

    My rankings have stalled in the last week, I have used 5 different keywords for the main sales page and these 5 keywords have been spread over 9 web 2.0s.

    These are the stats from 03/02 to 03/03
    kw 1, 40500 us searches pm, kc 32, position over 200, position 25
    kw 2, 8100 us searches pm, kc 30, position over 200, position 32
    kw 3, 2900 us searches pm, kc 23, position 55, position 23
    kw 4, 2900 us searches pm, kc 25, position 48, position 22
    kw 5, 480 us searches pm, kc 22, position 63, position 22

    I've checked today and the positions are 25, 30, 19, 20 and 22.

    Am I spreading my keywords too thin over the 9 web 2.0s? Am I being sandboxed? Or do I need build more but only the 2 main keywords?

    According GWT I have 33 unique domains. Also I was following a competitors backlink strategy who is ranked on page 1 for all of these keywords, that site is 6 months old and using web 2.0s with cheap pbn backlinks as a tier 2.