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    Hi everyone

    Just a quick introduction. I am back on the SEO trail after setting up my site a few years back and getting decent rankings and results, but life took over and the site got left to go stagnant and then it got hacked so all my google referrals got redirected to a third party site. This left me with Google blocking my site. I got this unblocked but with zero page rank now and virtually no search engine ranking results. So I am trying to relearn everything I have forgotten and have already discovered virtually everything I thought used to apply nolonger does thanks to Penguina and Panda. I'm in the UK and my site is primarily a toy retail site, so I have an uphill struggle. I'm primarily White Hat but am open to suggestions.

    I look forward to getting time on this site and maybe getting some pointers how to get back on the right trails.

    Thanks for reading.