Back from a Nationwide Trip: An Enlightening One

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    Hello Blackhatters,

    I know that some of you might be wondering why have I started this thread. Friends, actually I had gone for a nation wide trip and believe me this has been one of the best things to have happened to me in my life. I had been working for 3 years without break on my dream entrepreneurial venture. And then, back in July this year, I had a nervous breakdown due to pressure and tension. Doctor advised me to get away from work. Took a few days rest, and then moved on a nation wide trip with a credit card in pocket and couple of friends for company. I can't tell you BHW fellas how much I enjoyed this trip... Every moment is as if captured in my eyes... So, why am I sharing this?

    I am sharing this because I want to request you guys to take break from your work and enjoy life.. Life is anyways gonna fuck us but we must enjoy it and spend our days which can be remembered for years to come.. Why is there need to spend endless hours on achieving our goal if we are not happy from within ? Not contended with the results... I know that these all things appear to be gyaan ( Preaching ) but I seriously wanna request you guys to spend time with family and friends whenever you can.. Spend 14 hrs day on work, fine, but spend a few hours with your family.. My mom was ill few months back and while she was being treated I realized that how valuable are our parents..... I am one of those girls who is extremely workaholic. I used to spend hours together on work but now I have come on terms with my schedule and life.. I am Trying to bring everything everything in order.. Have a chart which tells me what to do and when to do. Discipline in life makes an individual great ... thought of sharing my experiences with you guys..You can share your experiences and thoughts.

    Have a blessed life everyone :)
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