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B2B Unsolicited Emails

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by mehow87, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. mehow87

    mehow87 Newbie

    Mar 18, 2014
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    So I run a web agency with a solid team. We're looking to create conversations with a variety of local business about helping them with their web identity. As many of you may know, B2B sales is a process/conversation. It's not like selling a product where you send an offer & can directly benefit from a conversion. B2B sales require phone calls, meetings, presentations & agreements.

    As part of our new efforts, we want to target our competitor's old creations. Many agencies sign their websites with "Design by: XYZ Company Inc." -- This gives us an advantage. Now that I know which sites my competitors worked on by doing a backlink check for that specific keyword, I can create lists of URL of local companies that have had the need to purchase a website at some point. Every 3-5 years, most websites are due for a redesign, and it's a perfect situation for us to hit them & ask if they need help with a better, newer supplier.

    Now I can gather URLs 1 by 1. Email them 1 by 1 -- but whats' the point? If I'm only sending an email with a question, for example "Hi my name is XYZ, I'm the co-founder of New Web Agency Inc. We saw that you haven't reworked your web identity in the last few years, and we'd like to bla bla bla" -- then why would this be considered spam? I mean this is pure new business development, if I wasn't doing it on a mass scale, I would be doing it 1 by 1. Would Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation prohibit me from doing things manually as well? I mean it's the same as cold calling or driving up to the business and trying to speak to the CEO myself no?

    Therefore my question is -- considering I'm not selling anything through my mass email, I'm just asking a question to follow up for a phone conversation or meeting, is it considered spam? I would be doing it on a 1 by 1 basis either way...?

    Looking forward to this conversation with the BHW community.