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Awesome Facebook Traffic Method

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by subster, Apr 27, 2013.

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    Apr 5, 2008
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    Normalls I'd hope you recognize the genius method from the screenshot alone, but since you don't know German (in most cases) i will explain.
    To be honest I guess Willi Auerbach discovered this genius Facebook Traffic Method by accident, perhaps I still does not know that it can be used in a methodical way.

    What happend here?

    Willie Auerbach is a magican. He warned his friends (about 1K) that a fake company writes letters (that look like from the governement) to fax a document to a number and thereby they are signing a 600? contract. People with a registered business will get this letter sooner or later he says and that a friend of him already got it and had to pay.

    Willi Auerbach got this letter, photographed it and posted in on FB to warn his friends. Hier friends want to be helpfull as Willi and want to destroy this scamming company through spreading the information to their own friend circles.

    Thing is that Willi Auerbach has posted the URL of his business within the post - seamlessly. Noone would ever thing of an ad, but everyone want clicks on it. Even a big enterpreneur site shared his post in their stream today (this way I recognized it) and if it is an covered ad even the journalists recognized it. Imagine how much social proof and real traffic you can get from this.

    1. Build a targeted friendbase for a fake profile. Post daily one or two posts that lets people interact a bit about a topic, lets say online marketers.
    2. Than fake a letter addressed to the fake profiles nameand take a pic of it and save it with a width of 500px
    3. Post it with a text like this:

    Please don't stupidly c&p this, it is full of failures as I just freely translated it without any dictionary.
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