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    Has anyone heard of the Pharmacy Discount Cards? well I been searching high and low for a free affiliate program to one of these, and all I keep coming up with is $450 to join and $40 a month deals, and some wanted as high as $2K to join. ( anyone knows of a free aff program to a discount card please let me know )

    Okay, so I found one guy, he's the pastor of a church, and he owns an entire discount pharmacy card business, basically was just giving them out to his church people and that's it. I got him on the phone and he gave me my own card for free, plus, I been MLMing the card ever since to a bunch people and doing very well. 40 cents per use on my card, plus a % of the people under me and so on.
    Now here's the thing, he has no online software structure at all, which is starting to make things a bit confusing because of the people I'm putting under me. If anyone out there can offer this guy a way to set up the correct MLM software ( and I am sure he will pay nicely for it with a good pitch ). This discount card affiliate program being 100% free to join, get your own card to give away 100% free, and to MLM and give people under you to make money for 100% free would be amazing.
    You can email a pdf to anyone and have them print it, and go use it immediatly<--( when I heard that I seen these--$$$ ) at Walgreens or CVS ect, and save up to 60% on prescriptions. Perfect product to market, save people money, and all free.
    I'm thinking it would be a field day here on BHW MLMing this kind of item. If anyone has an interest in their own 100% free card let me know, but more so, I am wanting to here from someone with an affiliate software solution to offer this guy so we can all market this item and track our sales online. Go Google "Pharmacy Discount Card", you'll find $450-2 grand for memberships plus $40 monthly fees, we can all have this membership for free.
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