Avoiding a google affiliate penalty

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by guest2, Dec 5, 2013.

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    A company I promote usually has a link that automatically detects my url for affiliate pay. They developed this so affiliates wouldn't be penalized by Google for affiliate linking. I just found out this link isn't working & won't be fixed till next week, so I'm considering switching to their traditional affiliate links. If I embed these links within a redirect page labeled "nofollow" will that avoid Google penalties?
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    The reason google penalizes affiliate links is not at all related to SEO.

    Back in the day Google was not in the affiliate business. So they were fine with you having affiliate links in your pages Those were the golden days of affiliate marketing.

    Then Google started buying affiliate networks and became a major affiliate marketer themselves, and all of a sudden all affiliates became Google's competitors....so they started whacking everyone out of business so they were the only ones spamming themselves with affiliate links. They would come up with some bullshit about search quality and they'd carpet ban thousands of affiliate sites. Curiously, their own shopping search, froogle and shit like that, was always ranking well, despite being 100% affiliate spam disguised as shopping comparison....

    Google is the world's greatest spammer: they scrape data, spam ads all over the world and place affiliate links at will.