Avoiding 301 Redirect Chain

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    Here is the situation with example URLs/pages

    example.com/toyota-trucks-reviews.html was 301 redirected to example.com/reviews/toyota-trucks

    The URL has changed once more to example.com/reviews/toyota/trucks in anticipation for reviewing cars as well.

    Naturally, I'll redirect /reviews/toyota-trucks to /reviews/toyota/trucks

    My question is, should I redirect the original page /toyota-trucks-reviews.html to this new and final URL of /reviews/toyota/trucks

    ie have the redirects chain

    example.com/toyota-trucks-reviews.html > /reviews/toyota-trucks > /reviews/toyota/trucks

    or two separate 301s

    example.com/toyota-trucks-reviews.html > /reviews/toyota/trucks


    /reviews/toyota-trucks > /reviews/toyota/trucks

    The reason I ask is because I've already told Google this redirect is "permanent" by using the 301 protocol. My hunch in the two separate, but wanted to get some additional insight.