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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by travelerbg, Mar 28, 2012.

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    Hey guys,
    I got almost 3 years of experience in SEO sphere.. mostly as link builder. I quit my last job as SEO specialist and relocated to UK - i felt like it is my last chance to get an university degree. Unfortunately I live in small UK city and its so hard to find a local SEO job.. I have worked in ringtones, travel, dating and air tickets niches. Now I am working for a car dealer company but it is job experienced and its unpaid. If you ask why I took job exp since I got 3 years of exp - the answer is that I have never worked for UK company and thought that would increase my chances to find a SEO job.
    But as everyone else I need cash to live so I am looking for job.
    If you have any SEO/linkbuilding offer for me - let me know.

    particularly interested in doing link building campaign for your microniche sites and splitting the profit

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    Sendin ya a PM