Autoshare Released!!

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by codecompiler, Aug 16, 2011.

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    Yes autoshare is done.. its actually 1 click i have it set to for security.. It will do a share event to any event setting you want message / descriptions ect...

    It will "Like" as many pages are you want up to 10

    Also will allow for you to buuld up fan pages. Also have in added option to have people not your friend become your friend.

    WORKS ON ALL BROWSERS!!!! I WILL BE DEMO'ing THIS HERE!!! BHW WILL GET MY DISCOUNT!!!! CAUSe i lIke BHW peoples... and please people dont come at me with JV's and so forth. I dont care to do a JV i have multiple JV's If i decide to sell a couple or 2 its cause well im being nice.. And or someone gave me a reasonable number I could enjoy.

    So if your interested please let me know.
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