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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by white900, Apr 19, 2016.

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    Apr 18, 2016
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    Hi guys, I've been making macro scripts for a while now and I was thinking about some scripts ideas but I'm just not sure if some of them are worth it or not...

    1. Making a script to post in 100s of classifieds ads websites, worth making it or not? posting on craigslist is hard nowadays, I need some alternative, I'm not even sure if 100 of the top classified ads websites even come close to craigslist or backpage traffic... should I stick to backpage only? what's your though?

    2. Making scripts to upload videos in top 20 video sharing sites, this could have been great for traffic generation but I'm not sure if it still worth it today?

    3. Making farming macro scripts for MMORPG games, opening games with multiple virtual machines and sell gold online, I noticed this might not work with the real game but doing it in MMORPG private servers this could be worth it?

    4. Making scripts for repetitive tasks for micro job sites, anyone know legitimate websites for worldwide workers or tier1 countries?

    Feel free to share new ideas here
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    In all means attempt to bot on social networks as well.. The pay for some automation results in a loss so be sure to hold a grip onto what you're doing.

    Torrenting or uploading bulk videos of both mainstream & adult work wonders too.
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    make a script to post in forums and make a signature to genrate traffic
    there are many with permition to add a signatue
    you can also work with addmefast script is well known to generate likes and follow twitter