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    The AWC software will create a fully functional and earning website by taking a base keyword from the owner and then scraping similar keywords from Google and search results from the Yahoo! API.
    Features and benefits(quick outline):

    • Main content created from search engine results
    • Keywords within the main content are emphasized randomly
    • Cloaked menu system. Only search engines will see alternative pages(keywords).
    • Alternative keywords scraped from Google
    • Option to link, not link or pretend to link to scraped search engine results
    • Easy template system with preset data holders such as [keywords], [content] and such like
    • Each page includes an image which has the file name of the keyword
    • Pages are created on the fly and then cached
    • Working search box to pose as a real search engine(so you?re actually acting as a good resource!)
    • Simple administration panel to change your country details, template in use and such like.
    • Each new page will link to 3 random cached pages
    Features and benefits(Detailed):

    • Rather than writing content, we scrape search results from the Yahoo! API. We grab a random number of results per scrape, ranging from 15-25 per page. The results are next shuffled into a random order. By randomizing the amount of results scraped and then shuffling the results we hope to avoid any duplication detection techniques, this also provides a more natural output when considered over the whole of our site.
    • You have an option to provide a link to each result scraped, provide no link or provide a fake link(technically a link but when clicked just takes the user to the top of our page where our adverts are located).
    • When our keyword is found within these results it will be randomly emphasized, we have an array of different types of emphasis, ranging from making the keyword bold , red or even underlined. To prevent every keyword found being emphasized we have added to this array an option which will cause no change to the keyword.
    • To obtain similar keywords we scrape results for our original keyword from Google. We only use a maximum of 10 similar keywords to prevent being picked up as an obvious scraper site.
    • Our keyword is put into the title of the page and a h1 of the keyword can be included within the template.
    • To optimize the page further we output an image with the filename of our keyword which makes use of modrewrite and PHP to pose as a real image. We use PHP to write some text over the image which essentially changes its file size and ensures it wont be picked up as a duplicate renamed image.
    • A search box which allows people to search further on your website.
    • A full template system which has holders such as [keywords] and [content] making it extremely easy to create your own templates and drop the main parts of the system into them. Simply create a template file along with images and upload to the templates folder.
    • To increase our link scheme we will choose 3 random cached pages to link to on each newly created page.
    • To prevent the visitor wasting time on our other pages, we cloak the menu system so that only search engines can see it(for indexing reasons). This will push users into clicking our adverts rather than other internal pages we link to.
    cant add url :tape: where can i get a script like this