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    Hello everyone. I want to share my strategy how i obtained several downlines with my PPC (Clixsense). I formulated a looping programmed that automates the recruitment process of the new members. What it does is it provides downlines to each and every member without doing any recruitment because the system recruits for everybody.

    Moreover, to boost my marketing technique i'm also utilizing an automated Facebook software that automatically post my ad message to all the groups i joined. Example: I joined 400 Facebook groups with 10,000 members each, i just set the schedule what and when my ads be posted to those 400 FB groups. It's like offering my PPC opportunity to 4 Million people.

    Unfortunately, my site was hacked and i created a new one but i integrated 2 affiliate marketing companies at this time to boost my income. If you want to have a bird's eyeview of my website, you may visit the site below for your information and/or reference: pinoyautolink

    I hope that you've learned something valuable. Good luck!
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    No. I haven't.

    Site promotion is not allowed here.