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    Apr 7, 2010
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    Hi guys,
    question to experience autobloggers:

    what are your opinions about pros and cons for autoblogging plugins:
    - WP-Robot

    I used WP robot on free autombolggign multiuser sites that circulated here, but i see the main site is banned, so my blogs gone. That's fine :) It was a test.

    Now I've setup 2 blogs that I host separately, using WP-o-matic, but even though cron job was setup, unless i click Fetch button on each campaign, the plugin doesn't feed the site with content.

    I got WP-lite, but it's only clickbank ads, and even thought, it didn't find any ads (strange) on very popular generic keywords.

    I am not too keen on paying for other plugins. unless i know that they work and I can make some $ with it.

    Can anybody rapid share their favorite plugin? ;-)