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    Jan 22, 2011
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    Anyone have experience with "Autoblogged" ?

    I'm tempted to buy it, but my host hasn't gotten back to me to let me know if they support...
    PHP v4.3.2 or later (I have this for sure)
    WordPress v2.5 or later (I have 3.0 installed)
    SimplePie Core Plugin v1.1 or later (Not sure)
    PHP cURL extension required (Not sure)
    PHP Zlib extension recommended (Not sure)

    I have Grabweb and the site doesn't mention anything about support for php cURL or zlib. If anyone has experience installing a solution similar to this please let me know. I'd like to just pay someone to set it up (reasonable of course), tight budget. I just want RSS feeds coming in that target topics I choose and to auto-customize some of the text so they appear to be unique.

    Hoping to do this today or tomorrow if anyone is interested PM me please.

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    Dec 27, 2009
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    well, I got hold of it from sharemafia
    I guess its down now, the plugin works like charm and I think you should go for it!