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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by dooper, Mar 15, 2011.

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    Hello i jus donwloaded Autobloged wp plugin and activate it in my site!!!

    i want to use that plugin with lot of rss campgines and want to make a full auto polit site. i jus facing a lil problem with the plugin hope someone might provide me any solution as i m not gud in programming.

    the problem is with Words and replacements we jus have 2 columns at the bottom of the plugin like we can replace 2 url words etc....

    but if we select 2 urls and it's replacements url and save it and edit it again at the bottom we got 2 saved row and 2 empty row as well if we want to replace more urls words.

    Now my question is can we modify any file of the plugin so that we get 10 replacement row instead of getting 2 rows and editing a Campaign many time !!!

    Simple any solution that by defualt we get 10 search words and it's replaccement rows. It will save my lot of time.

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    That would depend on what version you are using.