Autoblog promotion to increase traffic? What do you do?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by djelica, Aug 5, 2010.

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    Ok, few months ago i started one autoblog which last few months averages around $40 on adsense and around $30 on amazon and as the daily visitors count increases over time, revenue goes up. I use WPRobot plugin and monetize traffic using amazon part of it and adsense only. I plan to try infolinks as well.
    I had so call it luck to get domain that was around 9 months old and had 3 - 4 posts on it and some backlinks, not more than 40, when i got it. So it was little aged.

    Now i want to tap into autobloging and actually want to run 15 autoblogs as passive income for beginning.

    Now, many of us are able to set up autoblog using any given plugin (at least i am). The only point is that content is being posted every day and that the content is readable. We are fed enough with how to download, install and put info into plugins.

    But what when you make it, how do u promote?

    I know, it cannot just stay there and bring you good amount of visitors without backlinking at all and this part must be done to see the results. I read in many posts that you should do bookmarking, some articles backlinks, post video on youtube with link in description pointing to the site and forget about your autoblog for few months and it will start to generate you traffic. Enough said and it is true. But what if we want to step further and actually want to do some promotion that will bring much more visitors than usually ? Well, simple answer would be: "build backlinks n00b" and similar. Question is not how because you can place link on many places but question is what to build backlinks to ? Every single post ? Would be silly idea if not automated. So what you do to make this process automated ?
    Site root ? I have read many times in 'seo books' that it is not good that your site root have more than like 50% of all backlinks to your site. It would be easy to blast your url to as many 'stats' sites as possible.

    What to do then ?

    I would like to see the responses from experienced autoblogers which are involved in this for some time.

    I used to make onlywire account and register on given sites that onlywire posts on and then insert onlywire info into wp plugin (forgot name lol) which then bookmarks on all sites when new article was posted. Because i used it only to bookmark posts from only one site, all my accounts are probably banned but nevermind for that. It was my experiment. This way every new post would have instant backlinks which i bet helped a lot and it's pretty much automated.
    Also i used to blast to 'stats' sites my url ( <- thx to bhw member).

    For my plan of 15 autoblogs i plan to create 10 onlywire accounts with as many services available there and then insert onlywire info into WP Onlywire Multisubmit plugin ( then rotate onlywire accounts every few days so my bookmarking accounts last longer. Links would come from same sites but its way better than nothing. What do you think?

    Also came up with another idea which i am going to post later coz this is hell a lot of text to read :)

    Awaiting your responses.