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Discussion in 'Twitter' started by hopestill, May 11, 2016.

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    Hi there. Anyone know of a good browser bot that creates tweets? I have seen a few that look OK but just wanted anyone's thoughts. Thanks so much.
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    This is more funny than useful and can be used when you want to post gibberish lol

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    You enter a username and it spits out tweets like above. It's not entirely useless though. When i input an account from a specific niche, it spits out niche relevant tweets, i could use those after some rewriting. The only issue is the way it works: it mixes up multiple tweets and creates one inside the 140 character limit.
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    I'm building a bot right now that creates tweets from rss feeds. I'll be plugging it into my auto follow/drop bot system (kind of a stripped down version of FollowLiker). It takes the entries from the feed and drops them into a database, then it will randomly select them, create tweets, and post them out at random intervals across a variety of accounts. Total autopilot.