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Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by Deesus, Feb 28, 2014.

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    Dear fellow Black Hat World members,

    I have been a long time reader, but first time poster. I know that most of the people here have an idea of what auto surfing is. I know that there are some auto surfing sites/software that will pay you per x amount of time auto surfing, but I am mainly talking about the ad exchange ones in this post. I have tried this very small scale with Google ads, but naturally got banned. Google banning me was something I sort of expected; however, it might be important to note that I was banned a while ago and just remade an account to test this, so that could have been a contributing factor.

    Alright, so here is my idea on how to maybe make some money. I found a list of about 30 auto surf sites that have acceptable exchange rates that would most likely send about 1k visits per 24 hours of running the tool bar. These, to my knowledge, should be unique visits; however, I am highly skeptical of of all of these hits being human. For those that do not auto surf, its basically just an automated program running in the back ground that is using your browser to view sites in a large rotation. You get credits per view and those are exchanged for views to your site at a rate normally of 1 visit for 5 views. So I was going to join about 30 of these auto surf sites in hopes of sending about 30k hits a day to a page with fetched content and a few ads. I am not going to use Google, but will use a site with a low pay out and low rates. I plan on just letting it roll all day. If i get 10 cents a thousand, then that is 3 bucks a day for no work. I am not going to be running this on my CPU, I have a VPS windows server. I most likely would upgrade and run like 300 surf scripts for even more traffic. To my experience they do not eat up that much of your VPS data, but I am paying about 50 a month. I was also thinking about those sites that let you upload images, then share ad revenue with you. Auto surf should work for that. I also make flash games on kongregate, which, I was just short of cashing out one week, so I sent a ton of clixsense traffic and they still paid. Clixsense is PTC traffic, which I swear has to be a supper bot lol.

    Any thoughts on if this will work? I know it may work on kongregate for a little bit. Any suggested ad networks for me to get banned from next? I really would like this to work, but it seems most ad networks hate auto surf traffic, which makes perfect sense because no one is watching its just running in the back ground. At any rate I may just end up making this a sweet alexa booster thing. Might go on ebay and sell 100k hits for 5 bucks haha.
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