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    Hello, I own and operate a media upload style site where user's submit content that is hosted on third party file host like,,, etc. Basically I need someone who can integrate a system on my site that will auto check the links to see if the files are still active, dead, or invalid.

    Right now we have a system where our user's can hit the "Report Button" which sends the query to our admin panel but we get A LOT of false reports so we want an automated system so we don't have to rely on our user's judgment.

    The way we want to have the system is like so:

    On the initial submission page where user's input the info. along with the download links, we want the system to auto check the links as soon as the download links are added. If the links are active and good then maybe have a message that says " Link(s) are active " and the system allows them to submit content like normal but if the link(s) are dead upon submission (we get a lot of people that submit content without checking the links just to gain points) then a message with pop up saying " 1 or more of your link(s) are dead or invalid " and the system wont allow them to hit the " Submit " button. This way we know that all new links we approve via admin panel are truly active links.

    Next is on the download page. The download links are visible to all users but underneath the download link we have a "Report Link" button. This is where we allow users to report invalid links but we want to change that to "Check Link(s)" . When a user hits that, the system will check whether or not the link(s) is active or not. If the links are active, a small green arrow will appear next to the link but if the links are dead then a little red x will appear next to the dead links and a message saying " These invalid links have been reported "

    In our admin panel when a user report a link, it goes under the "reported Links" section in the admin panel where we usually just delete them from our system but with this system in place, whenever the system recognizes a dead link when a user hits " Check Links" then the system will send that download to our Reported Link in our admin panel

    Lastly, in our admin panel, we would like a Master Site Scan that if we wanted, could go through and check all links on the site sending all deads links to the Reported Links section of our admin panel. This way when our users visit material to download, the chance of that link being a valid link is at least 95%

    I have attached a picture of our submission page and download page.

    Submission Page (I added that little processing thing to the right side of where user's apply the download links.)

    Download Page (I circled the Report Link button)

    The site url is
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    Yeah, i have seen a system like that on this website -
    Whenever a person reports, their system checks that files if its dead of not. Maybe this can help you.
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    i guess i have seen this project in freelancer as well?

    Anyway if interested contact me with your budget i will get it done.