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    I have new authority site, with articles that ate targeting low competition long tail keywords.

    Site Structure




    Articles: Top 10 Facebook pages, How to build facebook fan page….


    Articles: Twitter Tips for Beginners, Twitter for Business…


    Atricles: Pinterest Marketing Tips and tricks, Pinterest marketing tools….

    The Homepage is not static, so I am not trying to rank Categories (I am not even indexing them) as it may cause duplicate content…and the keywords are med-high competition.

    My goal is to rank the Homepage and the Articles.

    My Stats (according to google webmaster)


    The main keywords are med-high competition and I am not ranked for them. However, I am ranked in the 1st 100 positions for many long tail keywords. Some of them are in the first 30 results with 0 backlinks.

    Details related the homepage


    Should I be focused on ranking the homepage, or maybe I should focus on internal pages? Maybe I am making mistake by not indexing the categories?

    Also, it is not clear to me how to build link building strategy for the inner pages. Example, what if I build more than 100 inner pages (articles). In that case doing seo for each article is impossible as it will cost a lot of money.

    Any suggestions.
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    You don't link backlinks to EVERY page in order to rank.
    Just try to diversify the target. Like you can have 2/3 of backlinks to homepage, and 1/3 to the inner page you'd like too push the most.
    The links to the homepage will allow all the pages on your site to be pushed up.
    Don't forget to diversify anchors and avoid having more than 3% optimized.
    Good luck !
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    Yes you basically need the link juice to the page you trying to rank but with good internal linking and the authority of your website will help you rank inner pages.

    Just build links to homepage and your most important pages and when you ranked them you start build links to some other pages...

    I index my categories and I've never had problem with dublicate content on my sites. I link to categories as well sometime.
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