Authority site Making Service

I was wondering is there any service who is making Authority site ,

most of service i have seen are really working on MNS .

Can pay a bigger bill , provided they can get me right keyword and EMD .
I can help you out creating an authority site.Outsourcing everything for you.Let me know if you're interested.
Guys, I was offering that service actually.

I have had to close it due to personal/business problems.

Might open it in the new year, but im doubtful.

For you go getters ;).... free market...hint hint
Dont mind buying a premium domain as well .

I saw a thread in the bst section by a very reputed member macdonjo3. 30 articles posted one every day, and he had some review copies @125 last time I saw it. Why don't yoou try your luck if the copies are still there.
How much do you got ? If you want to get full service, go to flippa and buy some sites. You get what you paid for.
The two services I've seen described in this thread are not creating true authority sites; they seem to be adsense blog creation services.

If you want to make a real authority site, it takes time, patience and hard work and costs much more than a few $100 off a forum.

There's a domain broker on this site: meathead1234, who may be able to help you. Here's a couple of his threads:

Alternatively, there are forums like:
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