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    Hey Guys,

    So I've built alot of micro niche sites in my time but now I'm venturing into making more authority type sites. I had a quick question I hope someone can clear up for me.

    For demonstration lets say my keyword is "Widgets"

    My question is if I'm building an authority site on widgets what is the best keyword terms to go for. I hear alot of mixed info so I'm trying to clear it all up.

    Main keyword "widgets"
    Secondary Keyword "blue Widgets"
    Third Keyword " Red Widgets"

    I hear some people saying using a repetitive keyword is bad is that valid? If so should i just target closely related keywords that don't contain my main keyword? Kinda confusing as from what I'm seeing alot of key terms with decent traffic are using the key term.
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    You home page should be optimize for your primary keyword. Each LSI keyword should have their own pages for the site. Make sure you internal link your LSI pages using your primary keyword anchor text pointing back to your home page.

    Closely related keyword terms that does not contain your primary keyword are called "search related" keywords and should be used in the text copy.

    The key here is that you would never have two pages that is ranking for the same keyword. So

    Homepage: Widget
    Page1: Blue Widget
    Page2: Red Widget
    Page3: Where to Buy a Widget

    Your nav menu should have your related keywords for each page accordingly.

    Pages 1 -3 should have an anchor text "Widget" pointing back to the homepage. The key is have your information architecture in place for the spiders to crawl your site effectively.

    Yes, there's a lot more to it than this...but this is the gist of it.
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    For my larger authority type sites, I don't even optimize the homepage for any specific keyword usually. I target the keywords I've researched in the inner pages, and do all my link building to the inner pages. Variations of the same keyword look bad/spammy in my opinion. But if you are talking about two different things, I don't see an issue.

    Example of a variation of the same KW would be Red Widgets and Crimson Widgets and Candy Apple Red Widgets. This looks bad, as they are all essentially red. Hope that's clear.
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    This will help you for many aspects of AS websites right here on BHW