Auction management software. What is available.

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by digibing, Nov 18, 2011.

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    So been googling on software to manage my auctions. It's so much of a jungle out there so I think maybe someone from BHW has done this job already. I found Lyris, Auction Flex and of course Andale has got some stuff, but I don't like that company.

    My requirements:

    Needs to be able to use any ebay site: .com .fr .de etc with multi language support.

    Must be able to import the auctions I've already made

    Multi account support without a footprint.

    Inventory control. Ideally wants to mirror my inventory on a shopping cart site, then automatically remove the item from the shopping cart site if I sell out all the items on Ebay. (is this even doable?)

    No bullshit tiered pricing with 10 listings for 1.50, 100 listings for 12 etc

    Must be able to store an unlimited amount of auctions, and also export them for safe storage.

    Safety confirmation screens and such so I don't accidentally repeat auctions I should not repeat, or set featured listings by mistake. One could lose a lot of money that way.

    I don't need any checkout or after sales management though. Just need software to help with the listings.

    Any ideas?
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    Try auctiva. It's very popular with ebay sellers, and it's very good software as well.