Attn: Please modify plugin for bhw bloggers!!!

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    Hey, programmers..... glad you reading this post! Hope you will take action and assist...

    There's a plugin called YAAB. Its an autoblog rss poster. Yaab has a wonderful feature in which it can grab all the post-'descriptions'- in a feed then mashup up into one posts for your blog.... this is called carnival mode

    But Yaab has 2 problems-

    1- It has poor seo -intelligence! as it posts a totally different title for your feed mashup post'

    2- It post format is horrible when it posts the mashup to your blog and it does so with the live links from the original rss feed items .

    How You Can Help IF You Choose To!!!

    1- Modify yaab to pick a random title from any of the feeds titles and use that title as the post title in the blog!!

    2- Post Format flexibilty.... to post the mashup but strip out the links and original titles - as new title has already been chosen randomly from any of them (refer to 1).

    Mashup should be formatted either with page breaks of paragraphs or a mix of both...

    What you should!!

    All credit will be given to you for helping out if you so choose to!!

    Plugins will be shared on BHW for all to benefit from your generousity and recognise your gracefullness.

    ====Plugin is attached below=====

    Thank You!!

    P.s POst you final mod in the blogging section... As many modifications are wellcome from as many competent programmers.

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