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    I am about to give Associated Content a try and I already have a bunch of unique rewritten articles.

    The thing is though, I am 16 and don't live in the US. Only when you register as a residence of the US you are eligiable to get payments. So if I register as a residence of the US and earn more then $500 they will send me a W9-Form. But that's not gonna work out since I'm not from the US.

    What is the best way for me to make more than $500 without getting into trouble with the W9-Form submits and all that?

    I am going to submit like around 30 articles a day (1000 a month), so that will be over $500 in no time, so then I'm screwed I guess. :(

    I think it is the best option for me to create multiple accounts each month (14 accounts) and submit just around 70 articles to each account. So that it does not get over the $500 limit, so that I will not get into troubles with the W9-Forms...

    Does anyone has any better ideas or suggestions for me? :rolleyes:

    Thanks a lot!
    - Sedoc94