Assistance/Pointers in SEO/Targeting customers on our eCommerce store?

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    Hi all,

    Last year me and a partner undertook a designer mens clothing retailing venture (UK based - but delivering worldwide), mainly as we had access to some large, genuine suppliers of products. We set-up an eCommerce store, and we would like to invest time, (and resources) into SEO and building customer confidence with the site. And we would love to get some feedback, or even have someone on board to look into progressing and further forwarding our SEO efforts, in gaining more awareness and, hopefully... potential customers.

    In regards to what we currently do...
    - We have a blog on-site (not kept too up-to-date), but it's there and can/will be used more often now we're in the new year.
    - We've got set-up with a few social sites, Facebook (1500 or so likes), Twitter (1600 or so followers), also we use Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr (all rarely)...
    - We use Google Adwords and have our products on Google Products for the UK.
    - We use eBay and are looking to have customers who initially shop with us at eBay to transfer and buy direct in future purchases.
    - We haven't spent a great deal of time on direct keyword purposes, but we do have certain keywords we try to show up for, which (haven't checked for a while), we we're coming up in the first couple of pages.
    - We try to set our title tags, h1 tags etc... to be in-sync and specific.

    I "think" we have a relatively good base considering we are completely new at such, we have never worked with an SEO/marketing company (probably only because we know of a couple of local companies, and the prices they charge for what they do seem ridiculous... Maybe too quick to judge mind...)

    I am not sure if I should/can post a direct link to the site, so I won't. But it can be PM'ed. And if someone would like to analyse the site for us, we would be extremely happy to receive some feedback, and which assist in us going forward with this venture.

    Best Regards,