[Assignment] Need to make a fb page any suggestions will be helpful to me.

Savvy Rose

Feb 5, 2018
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[ I just need to make a facebook page with 10-12 posts which have the potential to go viral ]

They will judge me on:-

- Name of the page
- Pictures I'll select
- Posts content
- Thought process of getting viral

What I'm thinking to do:-

To create a brand name which consists of a keyword and to create a hashtag also for it.
Also, searching some good images for the posts, images like that gets attention while people will be scrolling on FB.

Should I write content or just post's some images which having quotes and directional attention seeker liners?

Any suggestions will be very helpful so please reply your ideas.
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Thanks for moving the thread to correct area but still didn't get any response.
Hold on a second, just let me get out my magic wand and...

There we go, now you should get a response. :)

No, but really, I can't do much about it if users aren't responding. I suppose I can help you out a bit by saying that if you go the motivational quote route, there's software out there that can pump those kind of images out relatively quickly (meaning you'll have more content to use on your page). Social media marketing isn't really my thing, so I can't help you out any further than this.
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