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    What is App Store Optimization and its Future ?

    Today the time is not just for the search engine rankings on the search engines but also the app stores. Getting an app up on the search list, when people search for the relevant stuff is also must for a business to grow. This is where the app store optimization comes into play. It is a fact that today the ASO (app store optimization) is a fundamental strategy for acquisition, still trends in optimization change all the time, we may be moving to the trends of app indexing and retention are more elaborate strategies instead of keywords. Getting the apps up in the ranks is not an easy task; app stores like Google and Apple keep on changing and making their search algorithms more and more sophisticated. This is the reason that today the developers are not able to rank their apps just by keywords.
    You must know that ASO is always s evolving, you need to know the correct ways to have a strong strategy for optimization. I have had conversations with several marketing experts on apps and with my own experience also I have listed below the future trends that may help for this year.

    1. ASO Sees a Strong Impact via App Indexing:

    One of the experienced marketers who is the CEO and cofounder of Apptentive, Robi Ganguly says that we are just at the beginning of the reaches of deep linking. According to his expertise we have only just begun to understand how deep linking and mobile marketing eco system can go ahead.
    One of the changes that deep linking has bought is app indexing. It means that the users can now use the Google?s search results and click into their apps on mobile phones, all because of deep linking. This changes everything, the way the marketers and the optimizers have been thinking. Now they need to develop strategies to approach this transition from web to mobile. This is how app indexing will be influencing the ASO. This also means that the usual SEO will be strongly linked with the ASO directly. This can be a huge advantage if the developers know how to use it.

    2. An Increase in the Vitality of Reputation Management:

    Another thing that will be seen in the near future is the reputation management. According to the product manager at Total Loyalty Solutions, Liam Oliver the merchants should now pay more attention to this.
    It is the reputation that might influence the users in the future to download the apps from the store instead of the ratings. So I recommend that the marketers develop a strategy to get positive reviews which will then be a road towards a strong reputation. For this purpose you can use the tools to get and to find the keywords to target and to get the better reviews. Tools such as Sensor Tower or LaunchKit might help.

    3. Real-Time Mobile Analytics Will Evolve:

    Answering the customer queries in real time maters a lot. According to Ganguly the use of real time mobile analytics will increase this year. Using these analytic tools the markets can predict what the customers want, once they know what they need or want they can generate a better strategy. Once they know what the users are looking for it will be easier to apply the ASO strategies and make them work. With this knowledge developers can develop custom keywords for better and targeted phrases for which the consumers are looking for.
    According to Oliver, this year the developers will spend more time in using app analytics rather than analyzing their competitors? keywords.
    What I think is that this actually can be very useful. Going with the keywords that the consumers are searching with is better than with what the competition is going.

    4. The Future Will See an Increase in ASO Service Providers:

    Today we see SEO organizations and experts all around; Oliver thinks that in the near future the ASO (app store optimization) experts will also increase. There are many ASO services like ours and Gummicube, these can help you with your ASO.

    5. An increase in Real-Time A/B Testing on Mobile Phones:

    In the near future the A/B testing will increase for smart phones. According to Ganguly, this year will see more and more mobile A/B testing as the standards of mobiles are always changing and evolving.
    With the help of this a lot of traffic can be achieved for the app. There are many developers who are already doing this using Google Experiments. With the Google experiments they can know how a keyword or keywords can affect an android app, how icons and descriptions can affect the traffic towards a certain app. This means that the companies that use mobile A/B testing will be better at ASO than others.

    6. Ranking of Apps Will Depend on App Description:

    This year will see an increase in the ASO depending on the description given to the app by the developers. According to Tiana Crump, from Buildbox Games, this year the developers will be required to provide with the best and the most direct description of the app in order to explain what it does so as it is easy for the searchers to know about the app and also for the search engines and app stores to rank the app better.
    Acceding to here this year the developers will be spending more time to write the best descriptions that are easy to read and understand. They will also have to be careful about the keywords as stuffed keywords may not offer better ranks. To see a good example you can view the description of Calm app.

    7. The Future Will See More and Sophisticated Personalization:

    This year the in-app engagement seems to becoming more and more sophisticated. With the help of personalization the developers will be able to attract more customers. Ganguly says that the brand itself will be the success for engaging the customers. The better the brand, the better message it delivers the more will be its users.
    User retention will have a great impact on getting the app more downloads as well as the ranks of that app on the store.
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    great article,
    i can say that mobile will continue to grow, so this can affect the mobile industry,
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