Asking some clarifications concerning private proxies when creating a PBN

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    Hello BHW fellows!

    I am in the process of creating my own Personal Blog Network in order to help my little website to get stronger in the SERP. I will mainly use Web2.0 blogs for the beginning. That will help me to learn the secrets hidden behind that task. I will probably make some mistakes but that will be a good way to step further.

    1) Banning

    For the moment, I have created 3 of them on 3 different platforms. I have used no proxy, only my own IP. I would be safe for the moment. I would normally use private proxies ONLY if I decide to create several blogs on the same platform in order to not get banned, am I right? To be more precise, we do not need proxies if we have only one blog (well, maybe 2 or 3) on one platform.

    2) Google detection for non-Google platforms

    This is something more tricky. I read on this forum several posts saying that we have to clean our browser cache and use private proxies for each blog in order to make sure that we won't leave any footprint that can link the blogs to the main website.

    Let's say, for example, I create one blog on Wordpress with my own IP. I use a newly created email account. I write several articles, then put a link towards my money site.

    How will Google make the relation between this blog and my money site, meaning how will it know that the same person created both of them?
    If Wordpress saved my IP, will Google be able to get it from Wordpress and then see that it was the same that was used to create the main money website?
    Or will Google be able to find out this relationship from the browser Chrome of which cache has not been cleaned?

    3) The case of Blogger owned by Google

    I have created one blog on Blogger without any browser cleaning nor any private proxy, created some articles then put a link towards my website.

    Am I already discovered by Google Holmes or can I continue to do my dirty job?

    4) Use of several Windows accounts on the same computer

    I have created several user accounts on my computer in order to do some stuff and I had the impression that all sessions are different from each other, meaning that the browser has a different history, cache, etc...

    Is it a good solution to use each windows account for one private proxy (at the end, that means using each account for 1 blog on each different platform) without having the need to clean the cache with CCcleaner (I hope it is the correct name I read in a post)?

    Ex: user X corresponds to private proxy X -> blogger 1, Wordpress 1, Weebly 1, etc...

    user Y corresponds to private proxy Y -> blogger 2, Wordpress 2, Weebly 2, etc...

    I would be very grateful if you could take me out of the darkness on that matter :nemoflow: