Jun 18, 2009
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pleeeasee.. help me. i want to starting create wordpress blog, shoul I buy a domain or just use free bloging?
You can do it either ways....

For free wordpress --> but it will be a sub domain under wordpress

For Self hosted --> Get a hosting package and domain.. + point is you will have control over it :)
It would depend what your purpose is, for the blog.

To make money-use your own domain. Because you have control of it.

Would suck to put effort into free Wordpress and have it banned.
I would recommend buying a domain and hosting your own wp site, you have much more control over the items that go on it and you have control over the plug ins and stuff and it gets you started on the road to owning many domains.

as they said, buy domain and small hosting plan for tests. play with wordpress on it and read, read, read. I think in about 7-14 days you will see the point :) good luck
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