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Oct 11, 2009
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I am using Revolution Church theme which comes with pre-installed show thumbnail feature. The problem is I am hosting all my images in a third party storage medium (Photobucket). This prevents my blog from showing thumbnails.

I however found a plug-in which claims to show thumbnails even for the images hosted on 3rd party services.
I installed and activated the plugin. It is not working for me :(

Does anyone know how to show thumbnails in wordpress post when the images are not uploaded/stored in our server? Please help a fellow blogger.

Thanks for your time


Just to add, the plugin I linked above works at the category level. That say for example if I point my browser to http://mydomain.com/category/category1 OR http://mydomain.com/category/category2 and so on, I can see the thumbnails. However, http://mydomain.com is the homepage where the thumbnails are not getting displayed.
Please help!
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Hey mate,
Some premium themes are getting the "image" value from "Custom Fields" as thumbnail. So you have to check out your post if has the field.
Of course, you could try out thumbnail-for-excerpts that fetch the first image of post as thumbnail.
Yeah you are correct! I do not want to use the pre-installed thumbnail feature from Church theme as I do not want to keep on updating the Custom Field for each & every post.

This is why I moved to the plug-in linked above. I would like to know is there a way by which I can show thumbnails on my homepage. As said, that plugin does the job for categories.
Its working fine for me. Images are showing on the home page also.
Look comments in above link to customize the php. I think it may help. :)
Try dowlaod a most recent version of the plugin there.
Try download most recent version of the plugin there. It will work.
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